Rice & Cereals Cooker
CARE + PROTECT Rice & Cereals Cooker, Plastic, 2 liters, White
CARE + PROTECT Rice & Cereals Cooker, Plastic, 2 liters, White
CARE + PROTECT Rice & Cereals Cooker, Plastic, 2 liters, White
Rice & Cereals Cooker
Rice & Cereals Cooker
CARE + PROTECT Rice & Cereals Cooker
CARE + PROTECT Rice & Cereals Cooker
CARE + PROTECT Rice & Cereals Cooker
CARE + PROTECT Rice & Cereals Cooker

Rice & Cereals Cooker

Easy microwave cooking, 2.7l, with spatula

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  • CARE + PROTECT Microwave Rice & Cereals Cooker, 2.7L for Up to 4 People, Non-stick, Ideal for Steam Cooking, Serve and Store, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe

    The Care+Protect range of microwave accessories has been specifically designed for microwave cooking.

    The rice cooker can be used to prepare rice and grains quickly, maintaining taste, vitamins, and mineral salts. It's ideal to quickly cook, serve and store in the same container, it can cook rice and grains.

    It includes:

    • Perforated lid for stem vent
    • Spatula for serving
    • Intermediate lid for collecting foam and starch
    • 2.7 Lt container
    • MAKE COOKING EASY: Use the Microwave Rice & Cereals Cooker to get rice perfectly cooked with the least effort; With this, anyone can achieve good cooking results without making any mess
    • SAFE AND HEALTHY: Enable cooking with only water, no need to add oil, or butter, and nearly no risk of overcooked or burnt result; Keep the nutritional properties, taste, and aroma; BPA free
    • SPEED AND CONVENIENCE: The shorter cooking time is required compared to traditional cooking; No need to stay in the kitchen; Just set the microwave timer, then go do something else
    • COME WITH: Spatula/spoon for turning the rice and serving; intermediate lid/tray for collecting foam and starch; creative online receipts to make your cooking experience fun
    • ENERGY SAVING: Microwave cooking is usually faster and uses less electricity, thus helping you reduce energy consumption
  • Main Benefits:

    • Quick cooking, cook rice in just 12mins (at 800W)
    • BPA-FREE does not contain bisphenol A, an additive often found in plastics and resins
    • Spatula for serving and turning the rice, Intermediate lid for collecting foam and starch.
    • Cook, serve, and preserve in the same container
    • Premium quality,100% Recyclable
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe and non-toxic. Universal, suitable for all microwaves
    • Both container and lid can go in the refrigerator
  • How to use:

    1. Put rice or grains into the container
    2. Pour in the amount of water required by the grams of rice/grains, as indicated in the diagram below.
    3. Close the two lids and microwave for the time indicated in the table, based on the type and quantity (grams) of rice /grains.
    4. The time and amount of water depend on the type of grain and the power of the microwave oven. It is important that rice and grains stay moist until cooked; if needed, add water.
    5. Halfway through cooking and while cooking in general, check the amount of water and make sure there is always water present.
    6. Rinse the rice before cooking. After cooking, leave the rice to rest for 5 min. Use cold water. Cook for an additional 3 min for every tsp of salt.
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Can I use Rice&Cereals Cooker in the oven?

Using a Microwave Rice&Cereals Cooker in the oven is not recommended. Microwave Rice&Cereals Cooker is specifically designed for microwave use and may not be suitable for oven temperatures.

What dish can I coo using Rise & Cereals Cooker?

There are many dishes you can prepare with Rice&Cereal Cooker. Visit our recipies page to discover food you can prepare:

How do I clean the Care+Protect Microwave Rise & Cereals Cooker?

The Microwave Rise & Cereals Cooker is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand with warm, soapy water.

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