Soup and Milk Warmer Mug
CARE + PROTECT Milk & Soup Warmer, Plastic, White
CARE + PROTECT Milk & Soup Warmer, Plastic, White
Soup and Milk Warmer Mug
Soup and Milk Warmer Mug
Soup and Milk Warmer Mug
CARE + PROTECT Milk & Soup Warmer
CARE + PROTECT Milk & Soup Warmer
CARE + PROTECT Milk & Soup Warmer
CARE + PROTECT Milk & Soup Warmer

Soup and Milk Warmer Mug

Easy microwave cooking, , 0.7l

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  • CARE + PROTECT Microwave Soup Mug With Lid, Microwave Bowl Soup Container, 0.7L, Ideal for Cooking or Heating Liquid Food, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe

    The Care+Protect range of microwave accessories has been specifically designed for microwave cooking.

    The Ideal milk&soup warmer cup is for cooking and heating liquid foods, such as milk and broth, and semi-liquid foods such as soups. With the practical handle, it is possible to serve and eat the food directly from the container.

    • MAKE COOKING EASY: Use the Microwave Milk & Soup Warmer to cook liquid food with confidence. With this, anyone can achieve better cooking results without making any mess.
    • SAFE AND HEALTHY: Enable cooking with only water, no need to add oil, or butter, and nearly no risk of overcooked or burnt result. Keep the nutritional properties, taste, and aroma. BPA free.
    • SPEED AND CONVENIENCE: The Shorter cooking time is required compared to traditional cooking. No need to stay by the stove/in the kitchen while cooking. Just set the microwave timer, then go do something else!
    • KEEP CLEAN: Lid with airtight gasket and steam vent valve, preventing splatter inside the microwave while heating
    • ENERGY SAVING: Microwave cooking is usually faster and uses less electricity, thus helping you reduce energy consumption.
  • Main Benefits:

    • Ideal for cooking or heating liquid foods and suitable for cooking and semi-liquid foods
    • Healthy fat-free cooking without any oil.
    • BPA-FREE does not contain bisphenol A, an additive often found in plastics and resins
    • Cook, serve, and preserve food in the same container
    • Premium quality,100% Recyclable
    • Dishwasher safe, universal, suitable for all microwaves
  • How to use:

    • Place the liquid or soup in the container.
    • Close the lid and open the steam release valve.
    • Place in microwave for the required time, which may vary depending on the instruction
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Can I use Warmer Mug in the oven?

Using a Microwave Warmer Mug in the oven is not recommended. Microwave Warmer Mug is specifically designed for microwave use and may not be suitable for oven temperatures.

How do I clean the Care+Protect Microwave Mug?

The Microwave Mug is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand with warm, soapy water.

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