How to cut your house cleaning time in half

A house thats always clean

When cleaning your home, it looks like the work is never coming to an end. As soon as you finish one chore, you start another  until you end up spending the whole day trying to get everything perfectly clean. We would all love to dedicate less of our time to this kind of activity and more on spending it with our family or doing the things we love.

For this reason, we prepared some useful tips to keep your home clean with no need for a weekly cleaning marathon.

Little and often

Cleaning as you go is one of the most useful practices when you want to cut down your cleaning time. For example, wiping down the counter and cleaning up crumbs after cooking, or using a washcloth to wipe off toothpaste when you brush your teeth. These small tasks will take only a few minutes and reduce dirt, dust and grim building up around your house, saving you some time when doing proper cleaning.

Make a schedule

There’s no need to load all of your cleaning tasks in just one day. Break them down into small tasks and create a schedule for what should be done daily, weekly or monthly. If you start doing a little everyday, cleaning will soon become a routine rather than a chore and it will be easier to keep everything under control. You can also include the whole family in the schedule to turn it into an activity that can be done together and teach responsibility to your children.

From top do down

Dust easily moves around the house, so when you start cleaning a room make sure you are not starting from below: if you sweep the floor and wipe the table after that, all dust and debris will fall on the floor and you will have to clean it twice. Start dusting from the top of the room, for example from lamps, picture frames and blinds, and then go down.

Choose the right tools

When purchasing your cleaning tools, make sure they have the right characteristics to match with your needs. For vacuum cleaners, focus on factors such as suction power, comfort of use, type of brush and accessories. A good cleaning tool will make everything more efficient allowing you to save time to dedicate to yourself.

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