Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Microfibre, Pure EPA, compatible with Hoover Cylinder Vacuums, 4 bags

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  • Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner Bags

    • MICROFIBRE: 4 ultra-resistant and extra-filtering microfibre bags for the Hoover H60 Vacuum Cleaner
    • FILTRATION: high filtration capacity makes Hoover H60 vacuum cleaner bags ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
    • CLEAN AIR: Hoover H60 bags effectively capture and trap microscopic dust particles, pollen, hair, mites and allergens, so the air released is always clean
    • Compatible with Hoover Freemotion, Pure Power, Telios Plus, Purepower Intelli-sense, Sensory, Sensory Evo, Sensory Evo A+++, and Silent Energy vacuum cleaners.
    • Original Pure EPA Hoover bags

    Did you know?

    On average, a monthly dust bag change is recommended and for large households with many pets and carpets where vacuuming is a daily chore, vacuum bags may not last a full month..

    What happens if you don't change the bag?

    There needs to be space available in the dust bag so that air can circulate and so that new debris can enter. Your vacuum cleaner will lose suction power and stop picking up dirt when the bag is full, making this replacement essential. With high filtration properties, these H60 PureHepa Dust Bags help prevent odours. They eliminate unpleasant odours thanks to a highly absorbent material that provides excellent filtration. Perfect for pet owners who often find bad smells developing inside the vacuum cleaner. Please check the list of suitable models to ensure that this spare part will fit your appliance.

  • Main Benefits:

    • Pure HEPA secure seal bag - traps dust as small as 0.003 microns, helping prevent a major cause of allergies
    • High filtration
    • Anti-Odour - prevents unpleasant smells escaping
    • Hold more dust/dirt than conventional bags
    • Includes 4 x dust bags
    • Boxed, Also Known As: Paper Bag, Vacuum Bag, Cloth Bag
  • How to use?

    Always unplug your appliance before starting any work on it.

    Press the button to open the bag compartment and gently remove the bag, being careful not to break it. Insert a new bag and close the container compartment.

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When should I replace the bag?

For the best performance of the vacuum, the bag should be replaced when is 80% full.

What is a capacity of the bag?

Each bag has large capacity of

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