10 easy ironing tips you’ll love


Ironing is a job that few people love but most have to do. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have someone do it for you, it will pay to learn the most efficient ways to get your clothes pressed easily and quickly. Check out these tips to make your ironing tasks a breeze:

  1. Keep your iron well maintained

A good quality steam iron can last up to 10 years, but you need to ensure that you maintain it well so that ironing is not more difficult than it needs to be. One of the most important factors in maintaining your iron is to regularly descale it with a high quality iron descaling liquid. You can read more about how to descale your iron in our in-depth guide.

  1. Use a clean surface.

On the soleplate, irons can have coverings ranging from PTFE to ceramic. The soleplate should be kept clear even though they are dirt resistant. Sometimes, a washdown is required for both dry and steam irons. Dishwashing liquid detergent should be diluted in warm water and a fresh towel. Grime accumulated in the slots and openings can be removed with Q-tips.

  1. Use a good quality ironing board cover

Choose an ironing board cover with foil on the bottom. As you operate the iron button on the upper side, the Foil absorbs heat, smoothing out the bottom of your clothing.

  1. Buy a good quality iron.

Invest in the best possible iron that you can, to avoid the difficulties of dealing with wrinkled clothing. For instance, modern steam irons have characteristics like "steam-burst," which allows the iron to emit extra spurts of moisture to help you remove the most stubborn creases. Even if you are ironing on a table instead of an ironing board, you can still get rid of most of the creases. 

  1. Watch the washing technique.

How you launder your clothing has something to do with the trouble of ironing out creases. In order to get fewer creases, wash your clothes in small load sizes and don’t overload the machine. They will be less creased and simpler to iron due to doing it this way.

  1. Choose the correct setting

When ironing your clothes, make sure that you choose the correct setting for the type of fabric you are using. A temperature that is too hot will burn your clothes and not hot enough will not remove the creases. 

  1. Remove clothes from the dryer straight away

Remove your clothes from the dryer as soon as it finishes drying while the clothes are still warm. The sooner the clothes are removed from the dryer, the easier they will be to iron. 

  1. Cool down the clothes.

Try not to leave your ironing till the last minute, if you wear clothes straight after ironing them, they are much more likely to get creased again quickly than if they are left to cool. 

  1. Iron in order

Before ironing, sort your clothes from fragile and less wrinkly to sturdy and more wrinkled. Check the washing symbol on the tag to see if the article of apparel can be ironed before you begin.

  1. Avoid ironing in circles

Circular ironing can damage the fabric and spoil the shape of your clothing. Use lengthy, parallel lines in a single direction to prevent stretching the cloth.

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