Iron Maintenance Kit
Iron Maintenance Kit
Iron Maintenance Kit
Iron Maintenance Kit
Iron Maintenance Kit
Iron Maintenance Kit
Iron Maintenance Kit
Iron Maintenance Kit
Iron Maintenance Kit

Iron Maintenance Kit

Liquid limescale remover, soleplate cleaning stick 20g. and 6 capsules of 5ml

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  • Prevent stains from transferring to your clothing with the Care+Protect Iron Maintenance Kit!

    The daily use of the iron leads to the formation of limestone that attaches to your appliance. The accumulation of limescale can damage your clothes, the iron and prevent water from creating additional steam, resulting in a harder ironing process.

    Iron Maintenance Kit contains Iron Soleplate Cleaning Sticks and Liquid Descaler Capsules. Both with a powerful formula which removes deposits and improve the iron’s performance just in few seconds!

    Did you know?

    Even if not visible, over time, both soleplate and water tank will accumulate dirt and debris that becomes sticky or transfers to clothing when you iron.

    Iron Maintenance Kit is a perfect solution to dissolve and break down the residue on the soleplate and water tank.

  • Main Benefits:

    • Includes 6 x 5ml single capsule descalers and 1 x 20g soleplate cleaning stick;
    • Suitable for all iron brands;
    • Liquid descaler monthly treatment - 6 months protection;
    • Removes limescale, stains and deposits;
    • Protects internal components;
    • Improves performance, making ironing easier.
  • How to use:


    1. Heat the iron to 60°C and place upright.

    2. Wipe the stick on the iron plate and leave for 15 seconds.

    3. Wipe off with damp cloth.


    1. Unplug the iron.

    2. Fill the iron with 150ml of water.

    3. Pour the contents of a vial (5ml).

    4. Operate the iron at maximum temperature, until water tank is empty.

    5. Dry the plate with a cloth.

    For irons with boiler uses two doses (10ml) and rinses thoroughly the boiler.

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How often should the kit be used?

The frequency of use depends on the level of iron contamination and the susceptibility of surfaces to staining.

How long does it take for capules and stick to work?

In general iron descaler takes few minutes to effectively dissolve and remove the deposits.

Is the kit safe for my clothes?

Yes, iron descaler is completely safe for the clothes. Just wipe the product off the iron and it's ready to use.

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