Slim universal stacking kit
Slim universal stacking kit
Slim universal stacking kit
Slim universal stacking kit
Slim universal stacking kit
Slim universal stacking kit
Slim universal stacking kit

Slim universal stacking kit

Stablumplee and secure space saving design for all standarding washing machines and tumble dryers

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  • The washing machine and dryer are complementary appliances, which often work side by side. Having them both at home can lead to space problems, creating difficulties in laundry operations.

    This is why Care+Protect has created the Standard Stacking Kit, which allows the dryer to be placed securely and safely on the washing machine, thus gaining space at home and maximum comfort for the load.

    This quick and easy to install kit is for SLIM washing machines (depth 40-47 cm). It can guarantee safety and stability even when the washing machine is on its final spin or full of clothes.

    Compatible ONLY with SLIM Candy, Hoover, Baumatic, Zerowatt dryers (depth 46 cm)..

    Did you know?

    Stacking your appliances is an excellent solution for saving floor space. While you could stack your units without a stacking kit, it is not recommended and could be potentially dangerous.

    The appliance in use experiences constant vibration, and continuous movement could cause the dryer to fall off the washer, potentially damaging the floor, the appliances, or anything in the surrounding area. In case of damage to the unit, the manufacturer's warranty might not cover any resulting damages.

    Using a stacking kit ensures both floor space saving and the safety of your family and home.

  • Main Benefits

    • Stacking kit for wachine machines and dryers. Make your space more comfortable installing the dryer on the top of your washing machine.
    • Universal Staking kit for SLIM washing machines (depth 40-47 cm), compatible ONLY with SLIM Candy, Hoover, Baumatic, Zerowatt dryers (depth 46 cm).
    • Quick and easy installation. Safe and stable positioning.
    • This stacking kit does not require to drill the top of the washing machine.
    • It makes easier the loading and unloading laundry from the washing machine to your dryer, saving time and space.
  • How to install:

    To install the stacking kit, use the following suggested tools: a drill with an 8mm bit, a spirit level, and a measuring tape. As the appliance is heavy, for safety reasons, it should be installed by two persons. Make sure that the appliances are unplugged.

    1. Allign the kit to the appliance and wall.

    2. Screw the kit to the top of the washing machine.

    3. Once the stacking kit is securely in place, position the dryer on top.

    4. Using the drill make a holes on the wall.

    5. Securely fasten the screws into these holes, ensuring they are tight, and attach the straps around the hooks and the stacking kit holes, using four plastic feet on each side of the stacking kit.

    Watch the video guidance for maximum assurance.

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Is stacking kit easy to install?

Our stacking kit require basic tool for assembly and comes with detailed installation. Due to the wieght of the tumble dryer you will need assistance. Overall instalation is easy and fast!

Do stacking kit require any modifications to the appliances?

Stacking kit do not require modifications to the appliances themselves.

Can I stack a washer on top of a dryer?

Stacking a washer on top of a dryer is generally not recommended due to safety concerns and the weight distribution of the appliances. Stacking kits are specifically designed for stacking dryers on top of washers.

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