Rinse Aid for Dishwashers
Rinse Aid for Dishwashers
Rinse Aid for Dishwashers
Rinse Aid for Dishwashers
Rinse Aid for Dishwashers
Rinse Aid for Dishwashers

Rinse Aid for Dishwashers

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  • Overview
  • Main benefits
  • How to use
  • Using rinse aid in your wash cycle is the key to getting your plates and glasses shining like a diamond.

    Premium rinse aids contain surfactants, which lower the surface tension of water. Instead of water forming droplets, clinging to surfaces, and leaving behind spots, it just rolls right off your dishes. Especially in hard water areas, rinse aid helps prevent water spots from forming on, for example, glasses, plates and cutlery. It also helps dishes dry faster.

    This 500ml bottle of rinse aid from Care+Protect can keep your dishwasher cleaning at its best and can be used for up to 160 wash cycles. The solution is perfect for getting that extra shine and protecting your dining ware from stains and streaks all while everything dry’s faster.

    Did you know?

    Not using rinse aid decreases the drying performance of your dishwasher. It might also leave water spots on your dishes, especially if you have hard water.

  • Main Benefits

    • Capacity: 500ml liquid dishwasher rinse aid
    • For unbeatable extra dry and shine
    • Protects your dishes from stains and streaks
    • Helps your dishes dry faster
    • Protects glasses
    • Refill once, effective every wash
    • Fights water spots
  • How to use?

    1. Open the rinse aid dispenser 
    2. Carefully pour the Dishwasher rinse aid liquid in the dispenser until it reaches the max line. Make sure you do not overfill the dispenser as it may leak when you close the compartment.
    3. Close the lid. Make sure you hear a click to ensure the compartment is fully closed and sealed.
    4. Once the lid is closed, check around the compartment and wipe up any excess rinse aid that may have puddled.
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