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Polishing Cream for Stainless Steel - MyCarePlusProtect

Polishing Cream for Stainless Steel

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Remove dirt rings and fingerprints with the Care+Protect Professional Steel Surfaces Polisher.

You stainless steel surfaces are subject to smears, dust and dirt that can dull the brightness of the surface and make it look untidy.

The Care+Protect Professional Steel Surfaces Polisher cleans and shines without leaving marks on all stainless steel surfaces. If your stainless steel appliances have accumulated a large build-up of grease and food stains over time, then you need this 500ml Steel Surfaces Polisher that will both protect and shine.

Main Benefits

  • Universal for stainless steel surfaces
  • Capacity: 500ml cream solution
  • Removes fingerprints
  • Leaves surfaces shiny and bright
  • Protects surfaces

How to use

Pour on the surface and spread it with a cloth. Do not rinse.