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Dishwasher Deodoriser - MyCarePlusProtect
Dishwasher Deodoriser - MyCarePlusProtect
Dishwasher Deodoriser, Freshener (Pack of 2)

Dishwasher Deodoriser, Freshener (Pack of 2)

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Care+Protect Dishwasher Deodoriser, Freshener

Care+Protect Dishwasher Deodoriser, freshener has a unique Scent Control technology designed to give you a natural refreshing clean lime & blood orange scent every time you open your dishwasher.

Eliminate bad odours and keep your dishwasher in the best condition with the Care+Protect Fresh Essence Dishwasher Deodorizer.

This deodoriser releases a pleasant citrus fragrance in every wash, thanks to EVA, a non-toxic, thermoplastic material soaked in essential oils. Two long-lasting and natural fragrances: lime and blood orange. Thanks to the practical hook, it is easy to install directly onto the top rack of the dishwasher.


    • Freshens your machine in between washes
    • Includes 2 x deodorizers
    • Removes bad odours
    • Citrus essential oils
    • Long-lasting fragrance
    • Suitable for all dishwasher brands
    • Efficient over 100 wash cycles

    How to use?

    1. Remove the deodorizer from the packaging.
    2. Hook Care+Protect Dishwasher Deodoriser, Freshener onto the edge of the basket or hang it from the upper rack of the dishwasher, without it blocking the spray arms.
    3. Once the liquid inside disappears (approx. 50 washes) replace the whole gadget. 

    Did you know?

    Over time, small particles of leftover food accumulates inside your dishwasher and it will begin to smell, transmitting the odors to your dishes during the drying cycle.

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