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Degreaser for Stainless Steel Surfaces & Hoods - MyCarePlusProtect

Degreaser for Stainless Steel Surfaces & Hoods

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Remove stubborn oil stains and grease from your stainless steel surfaces with the Care+Protect Professional Steel Surfaces Degreaser.

Stainless steel surfaces in the home can quickly attract fingerprints, smudges and dust build up.

This Care+Protect Professional Steel Surfaces Degreaser has been developed with a non-scratch formula to get rid of streaks, spots, hand prints, and much more. It is non-abrasive, cleaning to an impressive finish without damaging or scratching your surfaces.

Main Benefits

  • Universal for stainless steel surfaces
  • Capacity: 500ml liquid solution
  • Removes oil and stubborn grease
  • Does not scratch
  • Does not leave streaks