Dishwashers Cleaning Tabs
Dishwashers Cleaning Tabs
Dishwashers Cleaning Tabs
Dishwashers Cleaning Tabs
Dishwashers Cleaning Tabs

Dishwashers Cleaning Tabs

Lemon Scented Cleaning, Limescale and Odour Remover Tablets

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  • Overview
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  • Remove grease and washing residue with the Care+Protect Dishwashers Cleaning Tabs.

    This pack of Care+Protect Cleaning Tabs for Dishwashers contains 5 x 20g active tablets. The professional formula with active enzymes makes the Tabs ideal for a thorough cleaning of the filter and internal parts of your dishwasher (pipes, tub, spray arms). Remove grease and washing residues, while also sanitising and leaving behind a fresh lemon fragrance.

    Did you know?

    Hard water leads to limescale depositsbuilding up in your appliance, which reduces its efficiency and leads to premature failure. According to British Water, even a 1.6mm coating of limescale on a heating element can make it up to 12% less effective.

    Limescale is calcium carbonate that is precipitated out of the hard water when it is heated. Other than being unsightly, it also acts as an insulator, leading to overheating of elements and is therefore potentially damaging to your appliances.

    Deposits cause overheating of the heating element, affecting normal operation. Removing calcium deposits helps to keep consumption down and maintain appliance performance, extending its life.

    A washing machine that is limescale-laden offers dull and dingy clothes rather than returning vibrant colours and clean fabrics.

    Monthly descaling treatment is recommended.

  • Main Benefits

    • 5 doses per packet (that's only £1.70 per dose!)
    • Degreases and removes washing residues
    • Hygienically cleans and removes odours
    • Safe touch - Protective water-soluble film wrapper
    • Suitable for all dishwasher brands
    • Lemon fragrance
    • Extends appliance life
    • Removes dirt build up
    • Improves appliance performance and energy efficiency
  • How to use

    Empty the dishwasher. Take a tab with dry hands and place it inside the drum.

    Proceed with a wash cycle at 60 degrees (no pre-wash). Monthly treatment. For more stubborn dirt it is recommended to use two tabs for the first treatment.

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How often should I use Care + Protect Dishwasher Cleaning Tabs?

It is recommended to use the Cleaning Tabs once a month or as needed, depending on the frequency of dishwasher usage and water hardness in your area.

Are Care + Protect dishwashers Cleaning Tabs suitable for all types of dishwashers?

Yes, the Cleaning Tabs are compatible with all types and brands of dishwasherss.

Should the film be removed from tab before the use?

No, the film is to protect from water absorbtion before use. The film will dissolve within the cycle.

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