What is Laundry Perfume?

What is laundry Perfume?


Do you wonder how some clothes smell wonderfully and fresh compared to others? It’s not just fabric softener that can make them smell this wonderfully fresh but a fairly new product known as Laundry perfume/Laundry scent booster. Laundry perfume/Laundry scent booster is a unique product with a comforting fragrance designed to keep the scent of new laundry for up to several weeks after the wash date. Unlike fabric softener it doesn’t have any softening or anti crease benefits. Laundry scent boosters are a relatively new product on the market. They are designed to hold a fresh scent for days after the wash.

These Laundry perfumes function in a variety of methods. They are mainly composed of something that will dissolve rapidly and attach to or integrate into the textiles they come into contact with. They have instantly recognisable scents but the fragrance bonds to the fibres of your fabric and thanks to its special active formula it will ensure your clothes remain fragrant for up to 5 weeks.

Advantages of laundry perfume

A really nice fragrance on your clothes can make you feel special and pampered at any time of day or in any situation. Sitting through a difficult meeting, commuting to work, waiting in a queue at the supermarket, all these experiences can be made that little bit nicer if your clothes smell sweet and fresh. The bottom line is when you smell good, you feel good. Laundry scents are vital in expressing the idea of "fresh and clean."

Can I use laundry perfume on children’s clothes?


Can I use laundry perfume on children’s clothes?

There’s no reason why you can’t use laundry perfume on children’s clothes, if they have sensitive skin or skin allergies, we Clean wash Laundry scent boosters which are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

Using Laundry Perfume on Sport Wear


Using laundry perfume on Sportswear

A question we are often asked is can laundry perfume be used on Sportswear to help get sweat smells from clothes.

Since it is not water soluble, the fragrance does not wash away and is reactivated each time it comes into contact with moisture, making it perfect for sportswear.

Try washing your gym gear with one of our laundry scents and really smell the difference.


What fragrances are available in laundry perfume?

Fragrances such as sweet orange, talcum powder, flowers and fresh blue are just some of the wide range of fragrances available at My Care Plus Protect.

Safety information

Laundry materials should always be kept in their correct containers and although laundry perfume is not overly toxic it should always be kept out of the reach of children.

Bottom Line

Smelling nice can significantly boost your confidence while interacting with people around you. If you haven’t tried laundry perfume yet, then check out the selection we have here at My Care Plus Protect where currently our laundry scent boosters are available at a special promotional trial price of £1.


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