Care+Protect presents a new image underlining the values of a true reliable concrete brand  



London, 30 May 2024 - Care+Protect, brand of Haier Europe, announces the new logo and the rebranding of its range of smart, universal, and professional solutions designed for the care, protection and maintenance of home and household appliances. 

Care+Protect is recognized as a professional brand, dedicated to simplifying the customers’ everyday life boosting their appliances performance with innovative solutions. The rebranding was designed to emphasise, also graphically, the commitment to ensuring the performance and the durability of household appliances, simplifying consumers’ daily tasks, and protecting the environment. This is also the promise of the brand. Through regular use of Care+Protect products, consumers can get the best performance from their appliances, extending their lifespan. 

The new logo represents the brand’s complete dedication to guaranteeing the best care and protection through its developed and proven solutions. Caring and protecting means ensuring the best possible quality and a serene future in a sustainable world. This objective is aimed both at the household appliances - whose longevity is crucial - and at people, who are increasingly attentive to minimising waste and reducing their environmental impact - without sacrificing the maximum performance of their appliances. 

The dedication to guaranteeing the efficiency and maintaining the effectiveness of your household appliances over time is embodied in the development of highly specialised and increasingly innovative solutions, while at the same time protecting the environment through minimal environmental impact. 

In addition, all products are designed and tested by Haier Europe, the number one brand in the household appliances sector*, to ensure high quality standards. As part of the Group, investment in innovation and technology is at the heart of the brand’s commitment to best meet all customers’ needs and to reach high-quality standards, ensuring proven performance. 

Representative of the brand’s philosophy are the latest products launched on the market, solutions that provide an intelligent and sustainable response to everyday needs, such as the Triple Power Pods: liquid technology with no extra cycles needed for cleaning household appliances. The Triple Power Pod formulation guarantees excellent results even at low temperatures, helping to prolong the efficient life of washing machines and dishwashers. They work while the appliance is in use, fully loaded, cleaning and protecting it without additional worry, time, or energy. For professional shoe washing at home, Care+Protect proposes Wash&Dry Shoe Rack: the first universal product to effectively improve the shoe cleaning routine. Its structure keeps shoes firmly in place during the washing and drying cycles, preventing damage and noise, and the modular bar can be extended to fit different sizes of drum. During washing, shoes go in and out of the water continuously, producing perfect results. To help reduce drying times and preserve the distinctive fragrance of freshly washed laundry Care+Protect has created the new Scented Wool Dryer Balls for clothes dryers which, because of wool’s ability to absorb, allow you to save 50% on drying time and up to 80 euros on your electricity bill in a year**. Wool is also an essential component for reducing noise during the drying cycle: the Scented Wool Dryer Balls are 20% quieter than the plastic dryer balls currently available on the market. 

An essential partner for maximising the potential of Care+Protect products is undoubtedly the hOn app - the digital platform that manages all the Haier Europe Group’s domestic appliances. Once downloaded, consumers can access further tips and tricks to increase the potential of their appliances and find useful advice for every need, including regular maintenance alerts. 

Care+Protect improves all life by making household chores easier. The verified effectiveness of the products means professional results in the comfort of each home and time and energy savings that allow to enjoy life and each passion to the fullest. 


*Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2024, % share of units, volume sales data 2023 
**Calculated on the most common 9 kg class C tumble dryer models 


Care + Protect is a brand of the Haier Europe group, part of Haier Smart Home, the No. 1 global company in the home appliance industry and one of Fortune Global 500 companies. Listed on the Shanghai, Frankfurt and Hong Kong stock exchanges (600690.SH, 690D.DE and 06690.HK), Haier Smart Home is present on all 5 continents with 25 industrial parks, 14 research and development centers and around 100.000 employees. The company has achieved a turnover of approximately 32.6 billion Euro in 2022 with global sales in more than 160 countries. Haier's vision is to become the global leader in IoT with smart home solutions. Haier Smart Home is the first Chinese company to enter the D-Share Market and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2018 with the aim of promoting the brand and supporting business growth internationally and in Europe, where the company sells products under the Candy, Hoover, Haier, Rosières, GE Appliances and Fisher&Paykel brands. Haier Europe is based in Brugherio (MB), Italy. 

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