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Dishwasher Vs Hand Washing

Have you ever been kept awake at night wondering whether it saves water by using a dishwasher rather than handwashing your dishes? No? Maybe its just me then!

But an article in Which has highlighted how much water you can save by using your dishwasher rather than handwashing. Their study estimates that to wash up a meal for 2 takes about 9 ltrs of water when washing by hand compared to an average of 2.1 ltrs in a full size dishwasher! That can add upto a saving of 2,500 ltrs per year.

To maximise these savings you need your dishwasher to be operating ot maximum efficiency. To help keep your dishwasher in tip top condition and maximise your water savings, here are a few tips:

  • Clean the filters every week
  • Don't overfill your dishwasher
  • Use the Eco cycle whenever possible
  • Run a maintenance wash every month

By running a maintenance wash every month using a limescale remover/hygienic cleaner (such as our 3-in-1 product) you will help remove any limescale build up on the heater element, clean the machine thoroughly and maintain its efficiency.

Start using our 3-in-1 in your dishwasher (and washing machine) now to maximise the efficiency of your appliance.

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