5 Easy Ways to Make More Space in Your Home

5 Easy Ways to Make More Space in Your Home

No matter the size of your home, there are times when you will feel like you never have enough space. Fortunately there are some simple ways to maximise the space in your home, from low cost space saving hacks like converting your washer and dryer into a stackable unit to adding an outdoor utility room or renovating the basement. 

Renovate the basement

While remodelling your basement might not be the most affordable choice, it may be worthwhile. A cellar conversion can increase the value and appeal of your house, increasing the likelihood that it will sell in the future. Some people choose to convert their cellar into a games room or home theatre, whereas other families choose more practical options like a home office, study or extra bedroom. 

Use multifunctional furniture

In smaller homes, multipurpose furniture is an excellent way to increase the space available. Consider using a Murphy bar with a table and cupboard area for cooking tools, for example, if you don't have space in the kitchen for a fixed table. It's also a good idea to invest in a washing machine stacking kit, which would help in minimising space usage.  Ottoman-style storage boxes, which can be found in many different formats, such as under-bed storage or the Ottoman Cubista, which transforms into five little stools, are another multipurpose choice.

Use an open plan setting.

Sometimes houses can seem cramped simply by having too many small rooms. If it is feasible to do so, consider combining your living room and dining room together or your kitchen and dining room together. Older terraced houses that have a kitchen and bathroom extension may still have a small walkway between the kitchen and the bathroom which can be removed to make the kitchen bigger. 

Use under stair space

Many of us have a small room just sitting empty under the stairs. Some people have switched to using built-in cabinets and storage boxes to store their belongings under the stairs. How you construct the area will depend on what you intend to keep there. Some popular uses for under the stairs spaces are hat and coat racks, freezers, tumble dryers or even a small home office. 

Use the garden

Consider purchasing a shed to place in the yard if you have too much clutter that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away.This eliminates the need to store motorcycles outside on the street and frees up room inside the home. There are many inventive yard items, from large shed-sized structures to smaller ones like garden benches with in seat storage. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a single individual in a one-bedroom apartment or a family of four in a large house, there are moments when you need a little more room. You'd be surprised at how much more space you can make in your home with imagination, patience, and inspiration. 

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